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our expertise



Our objective is to reinforce the bond uniting our enterprise to the ultimate consumer. 

Our main responsibilities:


  • Identify and analyse demand
  • Plan and develop product concepts based on demand
  • Communicate relevant information about all our products to consumers
  • Participate in sales increase
  • Innovate by anticipating our consumers needs

We do our very best to offer products that, while profitable, will fully satisfy the consumer. Thus, our team devotes all its energy to market these products with every mean at its disposal.



The sales department has over a hundred employees in charge of sales, client management, in-store activities, merchandising, call centre operations and client service. 

The products on offer fall in the following categories:

  • Dry: milk, flour, cheese, canned vegetables, pet food, sauces, juice and snacks
  • Chilled/Ultra fresh: yoghurt, butter, cheese, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, beef, lamb, venison, chicken sausages and charcuterie, salad
  • Frozen: chicken, duck, guinea fowl, buffalo, beef, lamb, mutton, venison, seafood, fries, vegetables, ice-cream and pet food


We cover a distribution network of over 4,500 clients, divided into four business units:

  • Super and hypermarkets
  • Convenience food stores/shops
  • Self-service/wholesalers/hard discounters
  • Hotels/Food service industry


Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) also administers our warehouses. It transmits information pertaining to the inventory in real time, enabling us to supervise the flow of resources and coordinate internal activities efficiently. Panagora has different types of warehouses: chill, dry and frozen.


Their storage capacities:

  • Frozen - 800 tons
  • Dry - 500 tons
  • Chill - 50 tons


Panagora distributes every year about 40,000 tons of food to over 4,500 clients. The delivery fleet consists of 60 food transport vehicles and its management is optimized through an online Global Positioning System (GPS) with sensors. 



The transformation unit endeavours to add value to meat products, to provide the customer with better service. It also offers support for promotional activities.



The company has a Technical department which ensures the maintenance of all food transport vehicles. Furthermore, this department also makes sure that the refrigerated display cabinets located on our clients’ premises are maintained in good condition.


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Contact Us

Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd.
Pont Fer Phoenix 73544
T: (230) 601 83 00
Fax: (230) 686 30 93

Customer service

(230) 601 59 00

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