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Support Services


Panagora places man and human resources at the centre of its enterprise. Our Human Resources Policy consists in attracting, inspiring faithfulness and developing.
  • Attract
  • Inspire loyalty
  • develop

Our first objective is to identify the most promising talents and attract them to us. We pay particular attention to the applicants’ personality, their qualities and values, before we evaluate their technical skills.

We focus on an agreeable work environment and atmosphere. Our participative management culture inspires commitment and encourages initiatives. We favour internal mobility, and in so doing, we provide our collaborators with the means and tools to improve their performance, skills and knowledge. 

Finally, we anticipate needs in training and talent development by positioning ourselves as a teaching organisation. We are convinced that joining Panagora means being an actor of its professional development and we are aware that, in so doing, we contribute to Panagora’s expansion.


The department’s responsibility is to monitor the global supply chain. The supply chain works transversally with all the other departments in the company. We ensure and optimize the fluidity of orders within the company by coordinating operations between marketing, sales, accounting, warehouses and suppliers. 


Our main responsibilities:


  • Coordinate the process of anticipating sales
  • Size stocks in collaboration with suppliers
  • Set re-supplying and follow-up orders


Aware of the importance of Information Technology nowadays, Panagora deploys all necessary resources, both in terms of information and communication infrastructure and business applications.

Due to the number of daily transactions (over 10,000 sales order lines) among other things, we do our best to have efficient fail over solutions at hand via our Disaster Recovery Plan.

As for business applications, Panagora uses Microsoft Dynamics AX, with a specific module for the management of its call centre. To date, Panagora is the only Mauritian enterprise to have this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software at its disposal. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint also feature among our solutions.

Finally, convinced that Business Intelligence (BI) is a major asset, we possess dedicated resources to extract, organize and provide relevant information to the enterprise’s different players. 



Contact Us

Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd.
Pont Fer Phoenix 73544
T: (230) 601 83 00
Fax: (230) 686 30 93

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(230) 601 59 00

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